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Lucy runs drugs for a criminal gang in Taiwan. One morning, she wakes up to discover her stomach wrapped in a bandage and no memory of how it happened. She is then brought to her bosses, who tell her she must transport a special batch of drugs. Once at the location, she is handcuffed to a chair and abused by her captors. But something happens to Lucy. The drugs inside her have changed her, giving her superhuman strength, reflexes and intelligence. She seeks out a scientist named Professor Norman, who discovers Lucy is accessing more and more of her brain. As she battles criminal gangs, Norman fears when Lucy is able to utilize her full brain capacity, it could jeopardize the future of the world.

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    It's crazy fantasy film

    Posted by Susie-Q1122 on Jan 20th 2018

    It’s basically a fantasy wrapped up as science and used as an excuse for an action thriller, but decent thriller it is. Explosive at its best with Johansson strides through it with a sense of drive and assuredness that is a super power all its own. An awesome tale of revenge involving a Korean drug lord and part of the pleasure of the film is, after such a build-up, how unimportant that whole subplot is to Lucy (and, for that matter to Lucy). The way she handles that annoyance is far more effective at explaining Lucy’s transformation than all the exposition spouted by Freeman.

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