The Dark Tower [UltraViolet 4K]

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The Dark Tower

 Please Read: This code must be redeemed at to get in UHD. You will only be able to watch it in HD at Sony until national release day but on national release day it will transfer to 4K UHD ONLY at your Sony Library. Do Not Redeem at Vudu as you will only get the movie in HD. This movie will only transfer in HD at Vudu. 

In this post-apocalyptic world, a man searches desperately for something that will enable him to hold onto the only life he has ever known. While everyone else is in pursuit of a man in black, this seeker is focused only upon how he can get to the Dark Tower. Even though the tower is the stuff of fables, it's up to him to make the final connection needed to save the last remnants of his life.

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