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The Mummy (2017)

A princess from ancient times, Princess Ahmanet, believed she had a destiny that included rule over the entire world. She lost the life that she believed she deserved when she was put through the horrifying process of mummification and then sealed away deep underneath the desert far from people. Ahmanet's existence was forgotten by the fragility of human memory and the sands of time. Until... In the near future, a modern team found her tomb and decided to transport it back to civilization. They did not realize that she was a wrathful creature. They did not understand what they unleashed.

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    Mummy Whole New Twist

    Posted by Hunter1014 on Sep 9th 2017

    Great movie! Regardless of negatives reviews left by many. This overall a very good movie. The best part is the creative mind that wrote the storyline. This Mummy has a new twist on Mummy stories. Non stop action. Very entertaining. Let your mind and imagination go and you'll really enjoy this movie.

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